Individual Counselling

Reaching out for therapy is truly a strength.

Are you feeling depressed?

Feeling anxious about social interactions, or anxious overall?

Are you battling negative thoughts?

Are you feeling as though you are not making the correct choices?

Are you struggling with establishing boundaries in relationships with partners, family, friends, or colleagues?

Are you feeling offended or hurt constantly?

Do you have addiction issues, such as alcohol/drugs/video games/food?

Are you struggling with a traumatic past?

Are you going through a separation or divorce?

Struggling to establish a work-life balance?

These are some topics that we can assist you with:

Anxiety, excessive worrying, and uncertainties | ADHD, poor concentration, disruptions in class | Adjustment disorders | Anger management |

Bereavement or grief counselling | Body image concerns

Career challenges: performing and progressing | Career selection | Cultural adjustments | Cultural integration

Dealing with stressful or crisis situations || Depression, sadness, hopeless feelings | Divorce or separation | Domestic violence

Eating disorders

Family conflict

Gender identity

Interracial marriages

Learning difficulties | Life transitions | Lack of motivation

Parental separation, divorce, or blended family issues | Personal growth | Professionalism concerns in the workplace | Professionalism issues in health care | PTSD

Relationship concerns

Self-esteem | Social skills | Suicidal thoughts or tendencies

Women’s issues | Work-life balance


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