Bala Counselling and Consulting service

We are currently accepting new clients. We have a sliding scale and offer appointments with short notice.

Welcome to Bala Counselling and Consulting service. My name is Reshika Balakrishnan, and I am the proprietor and director of this institution. I have both education and experience in many aspects of psychotherapy. I believe that the processing of emotions is essential in any given situation. It enables us to understand, validate our emotions, empathize with oneself, and learn from situations through the emotions they elicit.

My fundamental commitment is to ensure that we create a safe environment. One may ask, what is this safe environment which I am referring to? It is ensured that when you are working with us, we will create a safe, non-judgmental, and accepting environment where you can safely discuss any issue. This, to me, is imperative and the first step in therapy.



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